About Joss Widdowson

I've been in love with photography for around for over a decade. It started in the Devon countryside at The Dartington College of Arts, a 500 student bubble of the weird and wonderful on a very pretty hill near Totnes. I spent an entire loan instalment on my first DSLR camera and was hooked straight away. Quickly I became "that guy with a camera" who would photograph anything you wanted for 20 quid, or maybe just a bottle of wine. I'd be called on to photograph music, dance, theatre and visual art installations many and varied. I loved it!

Photographs taken for a friend at Dartington to document her performance art.

Photography became a part of my degree, contributing to me receiving a first for my bachelor's in Music with Visual Arts Practices. As part of my minor I completed a series of night time shots.

A chimney stack with star trails, taken as part of my Visual Arts minor at the Dartington College of Arts

A dancer at a traditional funeral in Cape Coast, Ghana.






I spent 10 weeks in Ghana training and performing with a traditional drumming and dance troupe. While over there I wanted to use my camera to capture the vitality and energy of the music and life all around me. It taught me a lot about shooting action, placing myself in the right spot to capture a special moment. Shooting weddings is the same thrill for me. I'd like to capture the vitality and energy of your special day.








For a year and a half I lived in New Zealand, a land so beautiful that you can pretty much just hold your camera up and capture something like this...

This tree, standing alone just off shore in Lake Wanaka, is known as the Spirit of Wanaka.

Shooting weddings, I am living the dream. It chimes with my urge to travel. I meet many interesting people, all determined to do something amazing and worthwhile. It's a wonderful thing to immerse yourself in a new city, just as it's a wonderful thing to immerse yourself in a wedding, to find it's character, and to capture it in a photograph.

The happy moment.

 I'm based in York but I'm happy to travel across the UK and beyond so if you like my style, just click 'contact' at the top of the page.

I love people, and I love to see people happy. Wedding photography just makes sense for me.